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0.sec=These are a few resources relating to the technical aspects of Cmacc - the system for programming documents.
1.Ti=Getting Started
1.1.Ti=Hello World example
1.2.Ti=Video of a Startup deal using "Xray" view
1.2.sec=A YouTube introduction in a version of the system with "Xray" view.
2.1.sec=Intro for Eve Maler.
2.2.sec=GitHub issue thread on naming.
2.3.sec=Jumping into multiple file systems.
The most direct way is to use git to add folders of files. Your document environment is the files you clone to your repo.
But a more advanced use would want to be able to override parts of that. That overriding could be done in parallel to the way we handle overriding of key/values. As each key/value in a file has higher priority than key/values in referenced files, so a reference to a file should be satisfied from the local file system, but if not found, then can be obtained from a referenced file system. So, one could have a small file system of one's own stuff, and reference another file system as something like:
  • CmA_=[http://commonaccord.org/Doc/]
This would have the effect of including all the CommonAccord files with a prefix of CmA_.