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Contributing to the Cooley Series Seed Fork=
Please feel free to post issues or make suggestions via pull requests. For more information about pull requests, the original Series Seed contributors made a handy [guide]. =
As with the original Series Seed equity financing documents, all documents contained in this fork, including the new Series Seed Notes documents, are licensed under the Creative Commons [CC0 open source license].=
Please be sure to review the [README] file, which includes important legal disclaimers from both Cooley LLP and the original repository owners.=
[guide]: http://www.seriesseed.com/posts/2013/02/for-law-nerds-and-real-nerds.html=
[CC0 open source license]: https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/=
[README]: https://github.com/CooleyLLP/seriesseed/blob/master/README.md=