Here are a few examples from a consolidated core of forms that can have paths for all jurisdictions and forms of all kinds. It is early and imperfect.
For a short list of some types of agreements, see F/US/00/Agt/.
The F/Demo/Agt_5Languages.md is a first cut at a generalized approach to agreement frames. At root, agreements are a name, some parties, some reason, some Sections, signature and sometimes some Annexes. The five language frame attempts to systematize this so that a single framework can handle all jurisictions using common formats of information about the participants. It is also a brisk introduction to "classes" of persons - including "Human" (with subclasses of "She" and "He") and "Entity" (which needs subclasses such as "Corp", "Partnership," etc.).
The NDA and Consulting agreements are based on CooleyGo models. The variation shows one way that an agreement can be patched using other materials, even after the agreement is complete. This demonstrates one kind of "versioning" (there are other forms of versioning, including via IPFS and git, or all three).
In a completely different example, we show integration of "parameters, prose and code." (Grigg's Ricardian) bqc (banque-chain for LaBChain)