Much of "the law" is a set of naming conventions for shared ideas. So is the web.
The top level expressed here is:
  • "G" is for Prose Objects. They are maintained in git, hence the "G". This is now where all our energy is going.
  • "GH" is for GitHub repos. "GHx" represents GitHub repos that we have imagined.
  • "P" is reserved for your private, preferred, proprietary materials. You will want some place to keep your private forms, clauses, instructions, etc.
  • "S" for some shared materials, stuff thought common and explanatory.
  • "U" means something like "you" and has info about persons and places.
  • "W" is intended to denote a www. website. "Wx" because not official.
  • "Z" is little bits of infrastructure text.
  • "ipfs" is experiments with the IPFS hashed text files.
  • "zFact" is a parking place for "facts" currently just a taxonomy of "FHIR" medical record codes.
A place to start might be: G/.