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Hourglass of Transacting:
Perhaps the waist of the hourglass - the "generative" point of agreement among participants - is an object model for expressing records and relationships.
  • Alice1 Alice2 Alice3 Alice4 - Acme1 Acme2 Acme3 Acme4 - Advisor1 Advisor2 Advisor3 Advisor4 - Agency1 Agency2 Agency3 Agency 4
  • Selling, Trading, Supply Chains, Banking, Medical, Permits, Organization, Accounting, Taxes, Reporting
  • Find, Discuss, Specify, Agree, Deliver, Pay, Notify, Dispute, Resolve, Rate
  • Browser, App, Editor, IDE, Transaction System, MS Word
  • Create Read Update Delete Render   Share
  • Object Model
  • files, JSON, graph, XML
  • JavaScript or other parser
  • blockchains, git, IPFS, other means of sharing
  • Solidity, Bitcoin, and other execution of instructions

Zittrain, Jonathan, The Internet and How to Stop It, page 68