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Title: {{Resource_Server_Operator}} to {{Authorizing_Party}} and {{Authorization_Server_Operator}}: Register-Accurately-and-Timely

Text: For the period that the {{Resource_Server_Operator}} and {{Authorizing_Party}} have mutually agreed to serve in these respective roles for each other, in the context of a particular {{Authorization_Server_Operator}}, the {{Resource_Server_Operator}} gains an obligation to the {{Authorizing_Party}} and the {{Authorization_Server_Operator}} to register resource set descriptions accurately and timely and according to the {{Authorizing_Party}}’s expressed instructions for protection if any.

Comments: The original condition was "When the {{Authorization_Server}} issues a {{PAT}} to the {{Resource_Server}} and as long as the {{PAT}} is valid". That is, it relied on an action that involved token issuance. We now suspect this is too specific, though in dynamic introduction by the {{Authorizing_Party}}, this might well be the time. The original commentary on this condition was "At a later stage, the {{Resource_Server}} has the opportunity to register resource sets, but its responsibility for performing this task begins now. The {{Resource_Server_Operator}} may have contracted with the {{Authorizing_Party}} for service-level agreements to respond specifically to timeliness needs and so on. This obligation can be removed through {{PAT}} revocation."