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  1. (Sublicense.1.sec = (Sublicense.1.0.sec = If (_You = You)
    (_Publish = Publish)
    (_Data = Data)
    (_You = You)
    (_Receive = Receive)
    or (_Enhanced_Data = Enhanced Data)

    (Sublicense.1.xlist =
    1. (Sublicense.1.secs = (Sublicense.1.1.sec = You may do so under a license of Your choice provided that You give anyone who Receives the Data from You the text of this Agreement, the name of this Agreement and/or a hyperlink or other method reasonably likely to provide a copy of the text of this Agreement; and)
    2. (Sublicense.1.2.sec = You may provide additional or different license terms and conditions for use, reproduction, or distribution of that Enhanced Data, or for any combination of Data and Enhanced Data as a whole, provided that Your Use and Publication of that combined Data otherwise complies with the conditions stated in this License.)
    3. (Sublicense.1.3.sec = (Sublicense.1.3.0.sec = If (_You = You)
      (_Publish = Publish)
      (_Data = Data)
      (_You = You)
      (_Receive = Receive)
      , (_You = You)
      must preserve all credit or attribution to the (_Data_Provider = Data Provider)
      (s). Such retained credit or attribution includes any of the following to the extent they exist in (_Data = Data)
      as (_You = You)
      have (_Receive = Receive)
      d it:)

      (Sublicense.1.3.xlist =
      • (Sublicense.1.3.secs = (Sublicense.1.3.1.sec = legal notices or metadata;)
      • (Sublicense.1.3.2.sec = identification of the (_Data_Provider = Data Provider)
        (s); or)

      • (Sublicense.1.3.3.sec = hyperlinks to (_Data = Data)
        to the extent it is practical to do so.)


      (Sublicense.1.3.00.sec = )


    (Sublicense.1.00.sec = )

  2. (Sublicense.2.sec = (Sublicense.2.0.sec = (_You = You)
    may not restrict or deter the ability of anyone who (_Receive = Receive)
    s the (_Data = Data)

    (Sublicense.2.xlist =
    1. (Sublicense.2.secs = (Sublicense.2.1.sec = to (_Publish = Publish)
      the (_Data = Data)
      in a publicly-accessible manner or)

    2. (Sublicense.2.2.sec = if the project has designated a Ledger for recording (_Data = Data)
      or grants of rights in (_Data = Data)
      for purposes of this (_Agreement = Agreement)
      , to record the (_Data = Data)
      or grants of rights in (_Data = Data)
      in the Ledger.)


    (Sublicense.2.00.sec = )

  3. (Sublicense.4.sec = (_You = You)
    and each (_Data_Provider = Data Provider)
    agree that (_Enhanced_Data = Enhanced Data)
    shall not be considered a work of joint authorship by virtue of its relationship to (_Data = Data)
    licensed under this (_Agreement = Agreement)
    and shall not require either any obligation of accounting to or the consent of any (_Data_Provider = Data Provider)

  4. (Sublicense.5.sec = This (_Agreement = Agreement)
    imposes no obligations or restrictions on (_Your = Your)
    (_Use = Use)
    or (_Publication = Publication)
    of (_Result = Result)