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Ti = Recent Work
1.Ti = Universal Agreement - Cooperation, NDA, Consulting and more.
1.sec = OTF/WorldCC/-Cooperate-CmA/Demo/
2.Ti = "Wise Contracts," paper with Helena Haapio
2.sec = Wise Contracts: Smart Contracts that Work for People and Machines
3.Ti = Prose Objects (document solutions as individual git repos)
3.sec = Source.CommonAccord.org - /G/
4.Ti = UMA-Kantara
4.sec = GH/KantaraInitiative/UMA-Text/
5.Ti = EU General Data Protection Regulation
5.sec = Wx/eu/europa/europarl/2012-0011/Form/0.md
6.Ti = Defensive Patent License Agreement
6.sec = Wx/org/defensivepatentlicense/1-1/Form_0.md
7.Ti = IAEA Safety Standards Series No. GSR Part 3
7.sec = OTF/org/iaea/GSR3/0.md
= [G/Z/ol/7]